¡Español Rápido! is so effective that you'll learn 3 to 5 times faster, have a wonderful time in class, and remember what you've learned.

The instructional method used in this accelerative immersion approach is based on solid research and the results are well documented.

Dr. Georgi Lozanov, Bulgarian psychiatrist, discovered that the non-conscious mind is instrumental in learning. The non-conscious, or para-conscious, mind likes overload, the freedom to explore, time to digest, pleasure and fun. It also likes the opportunity to be creative and to relax. While the conscious mind is diverted, the non-conscious mind is given large amounts of new information in a 'concert' format with classical music. Details then follow in an organic and developmental process that "spirals" around and upward. The big picture is then revisited from different perspectives (including games, humor, fantasy and imagination) and progressively more complex information is acquired.


  • The experience is stress-free.
  • The sense of the "child" is invited from participants, since childlike qualities enhance exploration while having fun. No pleasure, no treasure.
  • Music and rhythm are used for a variety of purposes: to enhance the acquisition of large volumes of new material, to open the limbic center of the brain where emotions (a key to retention) resides, and for establishing a state of relaxed alertness.
  • All the senses are engaged. They work together and multiply our capacity to learn.
  • This holistic approach helps to open new neurological pathways in the brain for greater understanding and retention.
  • Both the Left and Right brain are stimulated for both analytical and analogical thinking, that is taking things apart and putting them back together again. (Structure and grammar are not ignored; they are acquired through a variety of engaging activities.)
  • The role of a talented and well-trained teacher is crucial. She is an artist who creates a stimulating, joyful, and relaxed atmosphere. She facilitates rather than lectures; she is gentle in corrections; her genius is to "intuit" the students' needs and make the learning seem effortless.
  • The belief in the unlimited potential of each learner is at the crux of this unique approach.

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