For those in the fields of health care, social service, ministry, hospitality, business, education, government, the green industry, police or fire protection, Expanded Learning offers the option of hosting an in-house class. Call us at 800.622.5041 and we'll discuss your vocabulary needs, available dates, and other details relevant to hosting.

Financial Advantages
*Each class is $695/person. However, when you host a class you pay a flat fee of only $9,000 (plus expenses) for up to 20 participants. For multiple classes (3 or more) and for not- for-profit organizations the flat fee is $6800. (You might want to compare this with $20,000 and up with other organizations.)

*You save transportation and lodging costs of sending participants off site.
*You save time.
*You receive a money-back guarantee of satisfaction!

You receive a customized course
*Simply tell us where the communication problems lie and we will design a course around those needs.
*We create handouts and CDs for students' ongoing practice.
*We design a unique system for ongoing practice to maximize retention.

Convenience in Scheduling
*Each course level is 35 hours.
*You can contract for one, two, or three levels.
*Together we'll determine what schedule works best for you (generally it's one week of 7 hours/day).
* Expanded Learning's approach requires a high level of training and expertise, and we only work with the best teachers. Therefore, the number of courses we can offer per year is necessarily restricted. Confirmation of requests is made on a first-come, first-served basis, so please contact us as soon as possible to discuss whether hosting is the best option for you.


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