Learn Spanish in Oaxaca, Mexico*

This “Leave and Learn” adventure will take us to the magical land of Oaxaca, the place that inspires Mexicans and tourists alike to  exclaim, “Viva Oaxaca! No hay otro!”  We’ll visit the ancient sacred capital of the Zapotecs, Monte Alban and Mitla, known as archaeological treasures which continue to  inspire  visitors from all over the world. 

Participants love it!
Indeed, there is no other place like Oaxaca.  With its rich natural beauty, native crafts,  its colorful markets, and blending of old and new architectures, Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s greatest jewels.  The town central plaza is one of the prettiest in all Mexico and provides you with unlimited opportunites to practice all you learn in our ¡Español Rápido! class.

This vacation / learning experience includes:

$1695 per person (double occupancy)
$1995 per person (single occupancy)
$ 995 for travel companion not taking the class

  • The best Spanish class you can get anywhere,   at any price,  GUARANTEED!
  • 8  nights lodging
  • All instructional materials,  tapes & notebooks
  • Ground transportation to and from airport
  • Trips to Monte Alban & Mitla
  • Free time to explore the colorful markets full of wood crafts, pottery and weaving


*Trip Note: This is an example of one of our previous trips to Oaxaca. We do not currently have Oaxaca class on our 2001 schedule of "Leave and Learn" trips. Please contact us if you have questions or sign up for our free Newsletter to be notified of our next Oaxaca trip.


You’ll need proof of citizenship (passport or certified copy of birth certificate).  We recommend a Spanish/English dictionary, a cassette tape player, and money for personal  expenses.  Due to the strong dollar, you can enjoy real bargains! Bring casual clothing and a jacket for cool nights, swim wear and of course, your camera.


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